Organisation of files generated by CMOR

Can the output files be put into a single directory? The pseudo-drs directory structure appears to cause confusion. In order to encourage data publishers to organise their data correctly, it would be better to avoid the appearance that CMOR is doing this.


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    I created a key for CMOR3 so you can specify a directory of your choice. CMOR3 has a json file which is used as a configuration file. It must contain all required attributes for CMIP6.

    Here is an example being developed. (templates are at the end of the file)

    You can also create an "internal" key starting with "_" such as "_mydirectory": "testing" in this configuration file.

    If thereafter, you set: "output_path_template": "<_mydirectory>", cmor will create all your files in "testing/" directory when using this configuration.

    If you prefer not to specify the underscore "_" in the key i.e. "mydirectory", CMOR will also add "mydirectory" as a Global Attributes in the resulting netCDF file.

    This feature adds more flexibility for other projects such as "obs4MIPs".

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