Handling of experiments in version 01.beta

There is yet no explicit relationship between attribute 'expt' of a requestItem and an item in section 'experiment'. There are 91 different values of attribute 'expt' but 192 items in section 'experiment'. Does this mean that the number of requestItem is supposed to increase largely for next release ? Additionnaly, because the intersection of both lists is quite small, does this mean that one of the list shows less reliable values ?


  • The last comment is correct, the values of "expt" in the requestItem are unreliable. This will be fixed soon. There won't be a significant increase in the number of request items.
  • Does this mean that a large number of the 192 experiments in section 'experiment' won't have any request associated with it ?
  • No, many of the requests are for experiment groups, of which there are only 86. Where a collection of experiments have a common set of output requirements (variables and time slices) they can be put together in a group to ensure that there are no unintended variations between the requests and reduce the data entry workload.
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